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Guy Harvey, COSEE Sea Grant, Smithsonian Portal, Ocean Day Kiosks (NOAA)



Welcome to the DEEPEND Education & Outreach website! While the education & outreach portion of the DEEPEND Consortium is no longer part of our mission, we have loads of resources still available here on this site. Feel free to browse, download, and use any of the content you find here! Please note that this portion of the website will no longer be updated with new content. Should you have any questions though, feel free to reach out to our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There were three prongs to our approach:  The public, grades K- graduate education, and the various outreach partnerships we established through this program.  

For grades K-7, the “Creep into the Deep” program ran through WhaleTimes, Inc. and engaged students in real time with the scientists onboard research vessels as they explored the deep sea.   

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For grades 6-12, the “Gulf of Mexico Exploration” Teacher workshops and DEEPEND Teacher-At-Sea Program engaged secondary teachers in learning deep-ocean project content as well as taking science lessons back to the classrooms to share with students. They also had the opportunity to experience the science in real time through participating on a research cruise with the DEEPEND Team. Workshops were held once a year, and through their participation in the workshop, teachers could submit applications to become one of our DEEPEND team members on a cruise in May or August of that year.



Dr. Heather Judkins (Coordinator) - USFSP
Dr. Tracey Sutton (DEEPEND PI) - NSUOC
Dr. Danté Fenolio - SAZ Dept. Cons. & Res.
Dr. Tamara Frank - NSUOC
Dr. Matthew Johnston - NSUOC
Dr. Mahmood Shivji – NSUOC; Guy Harvey Res. Institute; Save Our Seas Foundation
Ms. Ruth Musgrave - WhaleTimes., Inc.
Ms. April Cook, M.S. (DEEPEND PM) - NSUOC
Ms. Nina Pruzinsky, M.S. (DEEPEND Research Associate) - NSUOC
Ms. Natalie Slayden (DEEPEND, Graduate Research Assistant) - NSUOC
Dr. Jose Lopez – NSUOC; COSEE-FL
Dr. Denise Kendall - SAZ Dept. Cons. & Res.
Ms. Nicole Sandoval -SAZ Dept. Cons. & Res.



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